Sports Betting Over the Internet

Sports Betting Over the Internet has been a common pastime for young to middle-aged adults living in the USA for nearly 20 years now. With many of our favorite online sports betting sites coming online in the early 1990’s, it’s cool to see how some online sports bettors have passed on their tips and tricks to the next generation of sports bettors. From the early days when bettors, mostly white male, would place their bets in land-based sportsbooks, to the 90’s where bettors of both sexes and all races started to place their bets online over the Internet through their big desktop computers using dial-up Internet connections. As you will read today, sports betting over the Internet has come a long way.

Today, nearly 20% of bets online are placed from mobile devices like ipads and smart phones. Talk about an industry that has changed quite significantly over it’s inception. Although the methods in which we place bets have become more convenient, some of the methods of picking winners are still old school because they work!

Sports Betting Over the Internet

Let’s get “back” to the basics of Sports Betting Over The Internet shall we? Firstly, when it comes to today’s ever-changing landscape of the best online sports betting sites you have to do your research. Their is no shame in reading online sportsbook reviews before joining a sportsbook. Just because an online sportsbook like 5Dimes killed it back in the early 2000’s, doesn’t mean they can handle a candle to any of these other sports betting phenomenons like the Bovada Sportsbook, TopBet Sportsbook, or the Bet Online Sportsbook. We will review all of these aforementioned online sports wagering sites to help you pick what the best online sports betting sites are for sports betting over the Internet.

Online Sports Betting

Betting online is not much different than betting in corner stores or land-based sportsbooks, you pick who you think is going to win, moneyline betting, or sometimes you place a bet based on point differences, point spread betting. The main difference is ease of use and convenience. Many old school bettors who do not bet online will argue that getting money in and out of online sportsbooks is a hassle. However, this is very untrue. A few years ago I was in Las Vegas for the Super Bowl. I was in the Hilton Sportsbook and much like 99% of the people there I wanted to place a bet on the Super Bowl. Firstly, they wouldn’t accept casino chips or credit cards, just cash and no bills over $50. Really? Yes, if you wanted to bet a couple of hundreds of dollars you could only give them $1’s, $5’s, $10’s, $20’s, or $50’s. This probably explains why the lineups to place bets were so long, and why the clerks were grumpy and itching to get out of the cage. If you are looking for convenience, land-based sportsbooks are a far cry from what you want then. This is why we love online sports betting. There are no lineups and the activity of other bettors who are depositing and betting at the same time as you won’t effect your bets. Basically, you can deposit with your VISA, MasterCard, or AMEX, place your bet, and then if you win you can often get the winnings paid back onto your credit card, or the online sportsbooks will pay you with a check. Talk about convenience!

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