Who Will Be Selling Just Ask the Odds

Every July, the trading deadline becomes one of the biggest stories in baseball. Teams that have fallen out of the race for the year will often turn to trading away some of the better players in order to acquire young talent that can be put to use in future seasons. However, in 2015, there are very few teams that have fallen far enough out of the race to be considered sellers.

2015 MLB Odds

So, who is going to be available? The Phillies, at 1000/1 to win the World Series, are an obvious seller. Their most attractive asset, left handed pitcher Cole Hamels, will almost certainly be on the move before the trading deadline. If they play their cards correctly, the Phillies stand to bring back an impressive group of prospects in exchange for Hamels. Also, Ryan Howard could be on the move, but he would not command nearly the value that Hamels will, as a trade of Howard would be more motivated by the Phillies wanting to get out from under his large salary. All of the top sports sites with odds information are betting on the Toronto Bluejays to make moves in the standings and go deep into the MLB playoffs.

Another probable seller is the Cincinnati Reds. While they aren’t as far out of the race as the Phillies, the Reds are posted at 150/1 and are unlikely to do anything of note in the second half of 2015. Two valuable pieces that could be sold off of the Cincinnati team are pitcher Johnny Cueto and outfield Jay Bruce. Each of these players would be a valuable addition to a contending team, and the Reds would love to be able to return some young talent to bolster their future prospects. For updated MLB betting odds and line moves be sure to check back here at SportsBetting-Sites.com.

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