Which NFL Rookie Will Rise Above the Rest

The NFL Draft is a big event each year, as the top names from college football find out where they will be playing in the NFL. Once the draft is over, however, reality sets in as these young NFL rookie players find out just how tough it can be to make it in the league. Some of them will succeed wildly, while others will fail miserably. So which rookies are destined to make a big impact in 2015?

Top pick Jameis Winston, not surprisingly, is the betting favorite to take home the Rookie of the Year award. Winston figures to move right into the lineup for Tampa Bay, and he is listed at +400 NFL betting odds as a result. Other contenders for the award include running back Melvin Gordon of the Chargers and wide receiver Amari Cooper of the Raiders.

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Obviously, a player needs to actually be on the field in order to win the award, so playing time is a big consideration when picking a favorite from this field. Since the NFL can be so tough on quarterbacks early in their careers, Winston might not be the smart pick even though he is the NFL wagering sites betting favorite. Cooper, on the other hand, is a player to watch out for in Oakland. He will be working with young quarterback Derek Carr, and he should get plenty of opportunities with the Raiders. There are a number of great young players breaking in to the league this year in the NFL, but Amari Cooper of the Raiders might have the inside track to grab the Rookie of the Year trophy.

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