Super Bowl Insights

Do you want to bet on the Super Bowl? Then take a look at our list of Super Bowl insights that will help you make the right Super Bowl bets going into Super Bowl 2015. Next up, we have the Seattle Seahawks taking on the New England Patriots for Super Bowl XLIX.

Super Bowl Betting

Did you know that there are several strategies you can review in order to predict occurrences in the Super Bowl. Okay, lets be honest, if there was a perfect science, someone would have already have become rich using it by now. While there is no perfect science, it is fun to inspect past trends to see if they repeat this year. For example, did you know that the NFC leads the AFC in football championships won in the Super Bowl? The NFC has won 26 times while the AFC has only won 22. If you assume both conferences are equally matched over time, you may think that you have an insight into whether or not the AFC will win the Super Bowl this year regardless of the team that they get into the big game.

What other Super Bowl insights could you develop from an observed trend? The Super Bowl can bring up the most unexpected occurrences like the one Super Bowl hosted in New Orleans which included the power going out after the halftime show. Would the power ever go out in a Super Bowl stadium again? What about the Detroit Lions? Could they buck their tradition and make their first appearance in a Super Bowl?

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