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We don’t get rings for betting on the Super Bowl, but we do get bragging rights! If you have plans to bet on the Super Bowl online then take a look at our Super Bowl 49 wagering picks and predictions and review on past Super Bowl rings. The Patriots are looking good going into Super Bowl 49, but the majority of bets are being wagered on the Seattle Seahawks to win back-to-back Super Bowl rings.

Various websites display the ring designs of the past Super Bowl champions. One of the biggest things you’ll notice about the NFL championship rings is that the rings themselves didn’t get fancy until the Patriots won their first Super Bowl back in the early 2000s. Before the Patriots first Super Bowl win, Super Bowl rings largely resembled the class rings you would get when you graduated high school or college.

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Since then, Super Bowl ring designs have become quite creative. Some observers would call them Super Bowl bling instead of Super Bowl rings. Most Super Bowl rings come with diamonds, a personalized inscription and other features that designate that the ring was awarded to specific player. Team staffers also get Super Bowl rings when their team wins the Super Bowl however the staff rings are typically different than the player rings.
Super Bowl rings sometimes wind up on the secondary market. Although some players wish to cherish their Super Bowl rings forever, others have decided to sell the memorabilia to the highest bidder. Tiffany & Co produced the rings won by the defending Super Bowl champion the Seattle Seahawks last year. Almost the entire face of the ring was diamond encrusted with the Seahawks logo also being displayed in diamonds. Super Bowl rings are typically handed out at private ceremonies several months after the Super Bowl has taken place.

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