Who Will Win the AFC Conference

Who will win the AFC Conference? It’s a tough question but somebody has to answer it! That’s where we come in at SB-S, with bold NFL betting predictions.

The NFL season is about to begin and the AFC conference will feature a tremendous amount of offensive talent. The Indianapolis Colts are the preseason favorites to win the AFC conference championship. At 16/5 betting odds, the Colts have been able to transcend into a team that had become to standard of the entire division.

AFC Championship Picks

The defending Super Bowl champion New England Patriots aren’t far behind the Colts in terms of betting odds. With the Patriots being listed at 9/2, its quite probable that the Patriots will make the Super Bowl for a consecutive season in efforts to try and defend their championship. A potential AFC Championship game showdown between the Patriots and Colts could be an entertaining game to watch. If you remember from last season, the entire deflate-gate controversy began when the Patriots smoked the Colts in the playoffs last year. Does this make sense for a Super Bowl 50 bet, I wouldn’t think so.

Could the Colts be looking for revenge? Can the Colts finally break through with Andrew Luck and win a Super Bowl championship? The NFL season is certainly a long season and the Colts will need to stay healthy and execute on both sides of the ball. The potential suspension of Tom Brady could help other AFC conference contenders.

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