NCAA Tournament Bubble

As the 2015 NCAA tournament begins to commence, many teams will be left on the outside looking in. Teams that don’t get into the 2015 NCAA tournament will likely be invited to the NIT. The National Invitation Tournament is a separate tournament held for teams that did not make the NCAA tournament. Teams that do sneak into the bracket will likely be seeded lower than a 10 seed. Teams that make it into the bubble will likely be teams that that are mid majors that had excellent win loss records but did not manage to win their conference tournament.

NCAA Tournament Odds

Other teams that make it inside the bubble will likely be teams that are part of major conferences that had big wins but also had bad losses. A team like Ole Miss may be considered a bubble team even though they were a sure fire lock just a few weeks ago. The conference championship tournaments are often the last chance for a team to string together some quality wins so that they can impress the NCAA tournament selection committee.
Teams who do make it inside the bubble have went on to have magical runs. These teams have had poor starts to their seasons but perservered and played better as the season went on.

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