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Welcome to the home of the Top Sports Betting Sites Online for U.S. bettors looking to bet on sports online at the best Internet sportsbooks for all major sporting events. With the latest betting odds and top sportsbook reviews you can get in on the online sports betting action for 2014 and moving forward at all the major sports betting websites for players from the USA.
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by admin in 2014 | Posted on October 19th, 2014 | 4 Comments

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If you are looking for the best online sports betting sites this NFL season then you cannot go wrong with any of the above online sportsbooks, however please note that the Bovada Sportsbook does not accept players from all US states (New York, Maryland, Washington). The TopBet and BetOnline NFL betting sites do accept all US players from every state. These top sports betting sites all have a strong financial backing and that is why they make it easy for players to get their money in and out of their betting accounts. If you are looking for further information on where to bet on sports online please visit one of the above online sports betting websites.

49ers at Broncos Week 7 Lines

by admin in betting | Posted on October 19th, 2014 | No Comments

If you are like most NFL bettors this weekend then you lost money with the Seahawks not covering against the Rams in a game where the Seattle Seahawks were outplayed and lost. Then you lost out on the New York Giants not covering against the Dallas Cowboys. Just when you thought all was lost you have a chance to redeem your losses and make a little money back in the late game on Sunday night where the San Francisco 49ers have travelled to Denver, Colorado to play the Broncos.

49ers Broncos Week 7

Who is going to be more impressive in tonight’s game, Colin Kaepernick and his run and gun offense, or the patient Peyton Manning? The betting lines for this game could not be more telling.

Current bookmakers have Peyton’s Broncos listed as -7 point favorites at home. The Moneyline for the San Francisco 49ers is a staggering +230. There is great value on taking the 49ers on the Moneyline considering all the upsets we have seen in recent weeks but one thing remains constant; the Broncos are just too good of a team to lose a nationally televised game tonight.

The current Game Total is sitting at Over/Under 48.5 points which means defense may not be much of a factor in tonight’s game…just the way Peyton Manning likes it. Please note the start time in tonight’s game which is 8:30 PM EST, rather than the normal 7:30 PM EST Sunday Night football game times. As always, this game will be nationally televised on NBC.

This Sunday has been a circus show for NFL bettors and fantasy fans alike with the Seattle Seahawks losing to the Rams, the Colts defense shutting out the Bengals, and the Dolphins defeating the Bears in Chicago. Whats more, the Cowboys move to 6-1 going into NFL Week 8.

Vikings at Bills NFL Betting Odds

by admin in 2014 | Posted on October 19th, 2014 | No Comments

Today in NFL Week 7 betting action the Vikings will play in Buffalo against the struggling Bills. The Topbet sportsbook has the point spread posted at 6 points with the Bills being the home favorite. The Game Total is 43 points which means this is not likely to be that high scoring of a game. There is a lot of good action in NFL Week 7 but this game is one of our strongest picks for NFL betting.

The Minnesota Vikings will travel to Ralph Wilson Stadium near Orchard Park, NY to play the Buffalo Bills. The Vikings are led by sensational rookie quarterback Teddy Bridgewater which has breathed life into this struggling offense. The Bills have E.J Manual who leads the team in passing stats as their starting quarterback. The two teams will clash during Week 7 of the NFL season. The Bills won the last meeting between themselves and the Vikings although the Vikings have won the previous two meetings before that.


This game will take place on Sunday, October 19th at 1:00PM EST. The game between the Bills and the Vikings will be broadcast on the CBS network. Check your local listings to see if this game will be shown in your area. The Vikings are expected to be the underdogs in this game as the Bills should get the edge since they are home team favorites. The Vikings are rather unpredictable with Teddy Bridgewater as quarterback. Some fans have even begun dubbing the term “It’s Teddy Time” in anticipation of Teddy’s start at the QB spot. This game will certainly be a fun week 7 game to enjoy because this game could prove to be pivotal for each team in their strive to get above .500 and secure an NFL playoff spot.

NFL Week 7 Bengals Colts Predictions

by admin in betting | Posted on October 17th, 2014 | No Comments

Week 7: Bengals Colts

The Cincinnati Bengals will travel to Lucas Oil Stadium to play the Indianapolis Colts in an AFC showdown that could be a preview of a playoff game we will see at the end of the season. The Colts are poised to win the AFC South division and the Bengals have proven to be the cream of the crop in the AFC North division. Current online sports betting sites have he Bengals sitting as +3 point road underdogs. These two AFC powerhouses will clash in Week 7 of the NFL football season. The game will be the early game as the two teams face off at 1:00PM EST on Sunday, October 19th 2014.

Week 7 Bengals Colts

Andy Dalton has produced decently at quarterback this season despite their embarrassing loss to the Patriots. Colts quarterback Andrew Luck has steadily improved and his team will be coming off an extended break due to their last game which was a game against the Texans on a Thursday night. The Colts defeated the Texans and the Bengals look to be the ultimate measuring stick for the upstart Colts. While the Colts have a winning tradition, they still have a young team and the 2014 Colts have largely been untested despite their 4-2 record through 6 weeks of the NFL season. Although the Colts are playing at home, the Bengals could have an advantage in terms of betting odds.

Andrew Luck and Andy Dalton are friends off the field and often train together so this should be a good battle between the two young quarterbacks. Is it too early to say future Hall of Famers? Yes, but that doesn’t mean these two quarterbacks are solid and are only getting better game by game. If you want to bet on this game we like the Colts at -3 points over the Bengals and our prediction for the Over/Under is that this game will go under the projected 50 points.

49ers at Rams Monday Night Football

by admin in odds | Posted on October 13th, 2014 | No Comments

NFL Week 6 wraps up tonight with the San Francisco 49ers visit to St. Louis to play the Rams. Current online sportsbooks have the 49ers posted as -4.5 road favorites, with the Moneyline at -220. The Rams Moneyline is +180 which is very tempting whenever you see the home team as an underdog on the Monday Night game.

49ers Rams Betting Odds

The current Over/Under is sitting at 44.5 points. Below are some betting trends to consider before betting on or against Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers. The game total has gone on the Under in 7 of the 49ers last 8 games so we don’t expect this to be a high scoring game. The 49ers in their last 6 games are also 2-4 against the spread.

What do the above betting trends tell us? We think if you are going to place a bet on this game then taking the Rams to cover the +4.5 points and the Under 44.5 points is the way to go because the 49ers have not been putting up the points as of late and they have been overrated all season. Expect a close game and for the Rams to cover the point spread.

If you want to put your money where your mouth is for this Monday Night football game you can visit the above online sports betting sites above and bet on this game in the next couple of hours before it goes off the board.

Giants At Eagles Week 6

by admin in betting | Posted on October 12th, 2014 | No Comments

We’ve seen a spectacular Sunday so far witness a nail biter between the Cowboys and Seahawks, Aaron Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to a come from behind victory against the Dolphins, and the Denver Broncos covering the -8.5 spread against the New York Jets.

What does the late game on Sunday have in store for us between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles? Well, for starters the betting line has moved from -4.5 to -3 for the Eagles at home. This shift in betting odds is due to the Giants having some key players start tonight’s game after previously being listed as doubtful.

Giants Eagles Betting

If you do a quick check at online sports books for this game you will see they are expecting this to be a high scoring game with the current Over/Under game total posted at 51 points. Can Eli Manning and his new offence click and overcome their road woes, or with Chip Kelly’s Wildcat Offence shine through again at home? All questions will be answered in a little over an hour at kickoff. This game will be nationally televised on NBC.

Here are some betting trends to consider for this game. The Eagles go into NFL Week 6 with a 4-1 record Straight Up, and an impressive 4-1 record Against the Spread. In short, our NFL betting prediction for this game is to take the Eagles at -3 points at home in the late Sunday night football game.

NFL Week 6 Colts Texans Who to Bet On

by admin in betting | Posted on October 9th, 2014 | No Comments

Are you ready for some Thursday night football? NFL Week 6 kicks off tonight and we will tell you who to bet on between the Colts and Texans.

The Indianapolis Colts will travel to Houston to play the Texans for AFC south supremacy in week 6’s edition of Thursday Night Football. This year, Thursday Night Football telecasts are being hosted by the NFL network but some markets will notice that the game will come on CBS. If you live outside of the United States, availability will be subject to your local carriers. The Colts will play in the NRG Stadium and kick off will be at 8:25PM on October 9th 2014.

Colts Texans Week 6

The Colts have had the number of the Houston Texans over their past several meetups. These two teams are both 3-2 and it will be interesting to see which team can prevail in this match up. The Colts could be favored in this contest on the road however the crowd at NRG Stadium will be energized for this nationally televised football game. Andrew Luck is the quarterback for the Colts while the Texans will start Ryan Fitzpatrick as quarterback. The Colts are coached by Chuck Pagano while the Texans head coach is Bill O’Brien. Bill O’Brien was the former head coach at Penn State University and he also has tenure with the New England Patriots as an assistant coach.

Our NFL Week 6 betting pick would be to take the Colts at -3 1/2 points on the road with the game going Over the 47 points.

Tips to Bet on College Football

by admin in sportsbook | Posted on October 8th, 2014 | No Comments

NFL betting is always fun and so easy to get into with all of the media coverage surrounding the pros, but often College Football betting goes under the radar and many bettors are intimidated by it. With 2015 Bowl Season just around the corner today we will be focusing on College Football betting.

If you are looking forward to beating the bookie with a sizeable winning percentage, you need to know some basic ins and outs of betting on college football. While many of these college football-betting tips are simply common sense, sticking to these can get you phenomenal winnings. Maybe enough to get that new car you have been eyeing since you came to college!

Learn To Manage Your Money
This means betting with a boring 2% of your total bankroll to start with. If you have $2000, as your “roll” you should consider starting with $10. It might seem slow at first, but it is just so you get a feel for betting and so that you don’t end up being broke!

College Football 2015

Focus On The Underdogs
Less attention is paid to small college teams and this is where you can make the most money. Most people are worried if their Ohio state matchup is solid, and you can use this as a competitive edge.

Bet Against Huge Point Spreads Over -30
Betting over public favorites has a huge success rate over the past 10 years, almost a decent 65%!

You Bet, You Lost, Learn To Get Over It
Never let your losses foul you up emotionally- you never want to make that mistake; this will affect your future decisions to a great extent!

Keep Records And Improve
You want to be sure what is working out for you’re and what is not, toss what isn’t working and focus more on what is.

These tips can pave the way for a great college football betting experience!

Sports Betting Jargon That Every Guy Should Know

by admin in news | Posted on October 7th, 2014 | No Comments

Are you a guy, do you like sports? Then here’s some sports betting talk that you should make yourself familiar with as a part of the guy code.

On a Friday night, at the bar when your friends are sharing their stories betting on their favorite sports, you don’t need to sit there fiddling with your beer glass. You should at least have a functioning vocabulary of the simplest sports gambling terms so that you can criticize your friend’s decisions. That is not something you should be missing. Learn these most used sports betting jargon:

Taking The Points / Point Spread
Simply put, this means betting on the underdogs of a game when betting the spread.

Sports Betting Code

Hedging generally means betting on both the sides of a line but not at the same time, so that you can ensure yourself a smaller victory by eliminating all the risk. By hedging, you will make lesser than your original bet would have paid if you had not hedged.

Buying Points
This allows you to get a more favorable line for the time you wish to bet on, with an upfront hard cash payment.

Prop Bet
Any bet that is not on the final score or outcome, but it is on a particular aspect of the game is a prop bet.

Money Line
If you wish to pick the winner or the loser, regardless of the point differential, this is the best you will make.

It is a type of parlay with a smaller but decent payout. The payout is less because the bettor gets favorable terms.

Over Or Under
The over or under bet simply includes the expectations of how many points both teams will score.
These are just SOME of the betting terminologies every guy should know. At least to get back on their friends who know more!

Seahawks at Redskins Week 5

by admin in betting | Posted on October 6th, 2014 | No Comments

NFL Week 5 comes to a close with the Monday Night Football game where the Seattle Seahawks travel to Washington to face the Redskins. Current NFL betting odds have the Seahawks posted as -7.5 road favorites. Russell Wilson will start for the defending Super Bowl champions and Kurt Cousins will start in lieu of RG3 for the Redskins.

Seahawks Redskins Week 5

Who is going to come up bigger this game, the Seahawks Percy Harvin or the Redskins Deshawn Jackson? The difference maker could decide tonight’s game which kicks off tonight at 8:30 PM EST and will be nationally televised on ESPN. Current wagering sites have the game total sitting at over/under 46.5 points.

If you think there is going to be an upset in tonight’s game then you should check out the Washington Redskins moneyline which is current a +275. It is worth noting that the game total has gone under in 8 of the Seahawks last 11 games. The Redskins are 4-8 against the spread in their last 12 games which does not bold well for bettors who are looking to take them at +7.5. These wagering odds are not expected to change going into kickoff.

Our NFL Week 5 betting pick is to take the Seattle Seahawks at -7.5 points for tonight’s Monday Night Football game in Washington.

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