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Welcome to the home of the Top Sports Betting Sites Online for U.S. bettors looking to bet on sports online at the best Internet sportsbooks for all major sporting events. With the latest betting odds and top sportsbook reviews you can get in on the online sports betting action for 2014 and moving forward at all the major sports betting websites for players from the USA.
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Where to Bet on Sports Online

by admin in sportsbook | Posted on July 21st, 2014 | 11 Comments

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If you are looking for the best online sports betting sites this NFL season then you cannot go wrong with any of the above online sportsbooks, however please note that the Bovada Sportsbook does not accept players from all US states (New York, Maryland, Washington). The TopBet and BetOnline NFL betting sites do accept all US players from every state. These top sports betting sites all have a strong financial backing and that is why they make it easy for players to get their money in and out of their betting accounts. If you are looking for further information on where to bet on sports online please visit one of the above online sports betting websites.

California Chrome Betting Odds

by admin in 2014 | Posted on June 7th, 2014 | No Comments

There is no NBA Finals game today, no NHL Finals game either, however it is one of the biggest days in sports betting. If you bet on sports be it regularly or just a couple of times a year, then betting on the Belmont Stakes might be just up your alley. Unless you do not have cable or Internet access, you probably have heard of the name California Chrome a couple of dozen times since early May.

Belmont Stakes Online Betting

The latest California Chrome betting odds have been updated to 3/2 in favor of the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes winner. The BetOnline sportsbook originally opened betting lines at 5/3 for California Chrome, but with just a few hours to go before start time the wagering lines have settled at 3/2. California Chrome will be starting out of the 2nd post at Belmont Park, in New York.

If you have never bet on a horse race online before or in a land-based race track for that matter, you should know that it’s a lot easier than you may have thought or heard. Basically, you do not need to concern yourself with specialty bets like Exactas or Trifectas, just make a straight wager on the horse you think is going to win the Belmont Stakes. If you are feeling lucky you can also bet on the horse to place, and show, which just means coming in second and third place but that requires a little more thinking and research. The simple bet is to take California Chrome to win the 2014 Belmont Stakes and to become the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978.

Preakness Stakes Online Betting

by admin in 2014 | Posted on May 9th, 2014 | No Comments

The 139th Preakness Stakes will be run on Saturday, May 17th, 2014 at Pimlico in Baltimore, Maryland. If you live in the surrounding area we seriously encourage you to go check out the race and all of the festivities that come with the Preakness Stakes. This year for Preakness Stakes 2014 they will have performances by grammy award winners Lorde and NAS, plus countless other celebrity guests and musical performances. Basically the who’s who of anybody in the US will be at the Preakness Stakes similarly to the showing we saw at the Kentucky Derby minus the concert.

Preakness Stakes Online Betting

If you live in the US but you cannot attend the Preakness you can still participate in the betting aspect of it buy betting on the Preakness Stakes online by viewing live betting odds featured at with US player accepting online sportsbooks. Currently the favorite to win the second leg of the Triple Crown is of course California Chrome sitting at -150 betting odds. This means if you wanted to win a $100 profit you would need to risk $150 on California Chrome. The odds for California Chrome to win the whole Triple Crown, which means he wins the Preakness Stakes and wins the Belmont Stakes in June, are +200. This means if you bet $100 on California Chrome to win the Triple Crown you would get back $300, $200 of it being profit.

Not bad betting odds when you consider how dominate California Chrome was winning the 2014 Kentucky Derby last Saturday. You can check out the Bovada or Top Bet online sports books to see the latest Preakness Stakes betting odds.

Bet on the Kentucky Derby Online Today

by admin in betting | Posted on May 3rd, 2014 | No Comments

You can bet on the Kentucky Derby online today by checking out the above online sportsbook reviews and choosing the sportsbook that suits you the best. Each of the above reviewed sports betting sites has a new player bonus, accepts US players, and allows you to bet on today’s Kentucky Derby from your phone or computer.

Kentucky Derby Betting Online

Now that you know where to bet, the next important question is who to take in today’s big race. The Kentucky Derby is the first leg of the Triple Crown and is typically 2 minutes long, thus the term “the most exciting 2 minutes in sports”.

This year we had two early favorites competing for the number one spot in terms of the top contender to win it. Hoppertunity got hurt and is now scratched from the race leaving California Chrome the lone favorite to win the 140th Kentucky Derby. Another likely horse to place in today’s race is Tapiture. Both California Chrome and Tapiture can be placed in an exacta bet if you are looking to place some exotic wagers. If you have no idea how to place an exotic wager for today’s Kentucky Derby then be sure to read the how-to guide at the Bovada racebook.

Also by the way for those of you interested in betting on boxing online then check out the latest lines for the Floyd “Money” Mayweather fight versus Marcos Maidana in Las Vegas later today at the MGM Grand. Currently Mayweather is sitting at a betting line of -1000 and Maidana at +600. This means that you would need to be $1000 on Mayweather to win $100 profit, or bet $100 on Maidana and win $600 plus your $100 initial risk amount.

Sports Betting This Week

by admin in 2014 | Posted on May 3rd, 2014 | No Comments

What do the NBA playoffs, Kentucky Derby, and Mayweather fight all have in common? They are all going down this weekend! This is a big week in sports with many Game 7′s in both the NHL and NBA playoffs, the 2014 Kentucky Derby, and Floyd “Money” Mayweather will take on Marcos Maidana.

Mayweather Fight Betting

First we recap some basketball news from earlier this month. Throwing away games from winning positions has been the Achilles’ heel for the wolverines this season. As Michigan coach watched, his team give him and their fans another dose of déjà vu, it all felt a little too surreal.
The wolverines took a 13-point first half lead back into the locking room. One could probably assume that coach Beilein had reiterated that his team should continue to do what they were doing so well. However, push came to shove and the volunteers crawled back into the game, knocking down shots, playing hard on the defense and making life tough off the board. By the time there were 6 seconds left on the clock, Tennessee was only trailing by a point, had possession, and was looking primed to add another name on the upset mantle.

With 6 seconds left and trailing 72-71 the ball was passed on to Jarnell Strokes who had been a post presence all day and was expected to aggressively back up to the rim and muscle his way through. Beilein was shouting from the sidelines, urging his teammates to get close and not allow any space. Jordan Morgan was covering Strokes and as strokes backed up Morgan flopped, the ref bit the flop and in came a decisive call, an offensive foul on strokes, and that is all she wrote.
X Factor: Michigan got hot from downtown early on in the game and made more than 50% of their shots from behind the arch. Nik Stauskas was doing business as he made three of them, a great showing for the sophomore. Player of the Game: Jordan Morgan was the player of the game, leading the game from the front, scoring 15 points, and drawing the decisive, game changing foul.

In the NBA playoffs the Brooklyn Nets have forced the Toronto Raptors into a Game 7 which will be played back in Toronto after giving up Game 6 to the Nets in Brooklyn. The Nets are currently favored to beat the Raptors by 6 points. The 140th Kentucky Derby will be raced on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014 and currently California Chrome is posted as a 5/2 favorite. Last but not least, we have Floyd “Money” Mayweather fighting Marcos Maidana at the MGM Grand Casino & Hotel on Saturday, May 3rd, 2014. If that wasn’t enough, we have the Golden State Warriors traveling to Los Angeles to play the Clippers in Game 7 of their first round of the NBA playoffs.

Player Profile Aaron Gordon

by admin in news | Posted on April 24th, 2014 | No Comments

Today we will be doing an up and close player profile on Aaron Gordon and his plans on going into the NBA draft later this year.

Aaron Gordon’s physicality always stood out, even during his college career. Such natural basket-balling size is not common amongst most NBA players. He has great motor skills and the ability to last throughout the game. While others become short of breath, Gordon has the ability to go on and on. His strong hands and great upper body strength allow him to beat his competition with relevant ease, thusly making him a dominant pose presence. He also has a good handle on the ball and possesses great speed on the open court.

The biggest problem with Aaron Gordon is his inability to score from the FT line. He barely shoots 50% from the free throw line, making him an easy target to foul. His game has a lot of potential, but he is not the finished product by any means. Furthermore, he does not have a well defined position at this point; chances are he could be pushed to Center position as he lacks the skills to be on the perimeter. He can’t defend nor can he shoot from the perimeter and he is not that quick off the first step.

Aaron Gordon NBA

Question marks loom over his ability to create chances for his team mates, as thus far he has not shown signs of vision that will lead to his team mates making a lot of points. Furthermore, his backs-to-the-hoop game needs tweaking and he needs to refine his skills under the post.

NBA Prospect Joel Embiid

by admin in nba | Posted on April 23rd, 2014 | No Comments

Today we will go look at NBA prospect Joel Embiid has he readies himself for the 2014-15 NBA draft.

7 footer with an exceptional balance and handling ability, that’s something you do not see very often. Even more surprising is the fact that Embiid took up basketball hardly three years ago. A Cameroon native, Embiid only started playing basketball in 2011 and notes volleyball and soccer as his two main sports before he took up basketball.

NBA Prospect Joel Embiid

Arguably, Embiid is the most gifted and pure athlete in this draft class. He does not possess a supremely high vertical but has the strength and size to make up for that. Embiid is quickly expanding his game when it comes to offense. His mid-range game is his bread and butter. He can drain 15 footer with ease. His post moves are quickly developing and he does well with his back-to-the-basket moves, has also added some nifty post moves to his repertoire. He can even score from the three point line, a testament to his jump shot, but it remains to be seen how Bill Self may use him on the offense, he may be asked to work purely from inside the arch.

Perhaps, the most exciting aspect of Embiid’s game is his subtlety. For a big man, he possesses a soft touch, nimble footwork, and great court vision. He is comfortable setting up his teammates and notes passing as one of his strengths.

His leaping ability and poise off the ball needs more consistency. Often times the preparation of the jump is extensive that the moment passes by. Embiid will also need to work on keeping his hands high up while defending on the post. Boxing out could be better as well, but with Coach Self, these things can be worked out fairly quickly. He can further work on his back-to-the-basket moves as well and become a much more potent player all round.

Gary Harris Player Profile NBA

by admin in 2014 | Posted on April 22nd, 2014 | No Comments

With the NBA playoffs in full flight we figured we would give some love to the teams who did not make the NBA playoffs, thus will have very good draft picks this coming NBA draft day like the Drake song.

Well rounded and a street-smart basketball player. Freshmen year did him a world of good. He has hit the gym hard and has improved his athleticism considerably. He has great upper body strength that allows him to finish at the rim on contact and is hard to stop in the lane. He is also a good rebounder now than he was in his first year.

Gary Harris NBA

Offensively, Harris is a sharp shooter from range, his perimeter shooting is very good and averages nearly 41% from the perimeter which will only improve with time, furthermore, he has the ability to create a shot for himself.

His agility and quick speed off the dribble allows him to transition at lightning speed, and is good at both dishing out dimes or taking the onus upon himself and finishing the fast break. Harris is also a good perimeter defender; he has active hands and has average more than a steam per game this season thus far. Also worth mentioning, is that despite being a sophomore he is still only 18 and will turn 19 after the end of the regular season, so the upside is huge.

For a shooting guard Harris at this point lacks ball handling ability. Though he is good, he is not great. There are question marks over his size. At 6’ 4”, he is a bit on the underwhelming side. Needs to improve his efficiency from downtown a bit more and that could happen easily as he is already scoring pretty well from there. Lastly, he needs to be a better player off the ball and use the screens and his supporting cast more.

NBA Draft Julius Randle

by admin in nba | Posted on April 22nd, 2014 | No Comments

Julius Randle is an incredible specimen. He has a well developed physique and can easily go toe to toe with most at the collegiate level. With a height of 6’ 10” and weighing in at 240 pounds, Randle has the tools to succeed t his disposal. He is a tremendous naturally gifted athlete, and is exceptionally fast through the first step and can leave his coverage for dead; a skill NBA offense would look at closely if they happen to be a fast break/transition centric teams.

Julius Randle NBA Draft

Additionally, for his size he possesses great ball handling ability. His balance allows him to make sharp turns and from up in the stands, he looks like he is gliding across the court pulling all the strings. He also has the aptitude for a back-to-the-basket offense and uses body strength well to finish around the rim. He is a fast developing shooter from the deep and is often too skilled for big men and too powerful for the guards.

Defensively he needs to develop an IQ for defense, at this moment he relies too heavily on his elite size but at the PRO level he may need to quickly develop his game as the opponents will be stronger and smarter. Additionally, question marks remain over his body type as it has the tendency to gain weight, which can be mitigated by determination and training.

Bet On Kentucky Derby Online

by admin in betting | Posted on April 13th, 2014 | No Comments

Right now in the world of sports there is not much going on other than the Masters. If you do not like betting on golf then the next biggest sporting event in 2014 is likely the Kentucky Derby. You cannot bet on the Kentucky Derby online without knowing what the odds are so that is what we plan to help fellow US bettors out with today.

The 140th running of the Kentucky Derby will commence on May 3rd, 2014 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The 2014 version of the Kentucky Derby will be one of the most diverse fields in recent memory. There is no clear favorite to win the Derby this year. Some analysts think that horses that are currently sitting in the 20/1 or 30/1 odds range have a legitimate shot at winning at the top sports betting sites for US players leading up to Kentucky Derby 2014.

Bet Kentucky Derby Online

As you are well aware, anything can happen at the Kentucky Derby. Orb won the Derby last year and his odds were around 7/1. The weather has a lot to do with track conditions which can play to certain strengths and weaknesses of each individual thoroughbred. All you ever hear about the Kentucky Derby these days is how much celebrities are betting on the race and if they are really playing for keeps. Well, to put it simply, they are. If you want to bet like your favorite celebrity or maybe you just have a really strong gut feeling on who is going to win the Kentucky Derby you can bet on Kentucky Derby online at these recommended online racebooks as seen at for the 140th Road to the Roses. For that reason alone, many horse betters like to wait until the very last moment or at least the day of the race to lock in their bets.

When you are searching Kentucky Derby 2014 odds, you can find futures pools that will let you bet on the winner now or you can wait for the standard betting pools to form closer to the big day. Regardless of which Kentucky Derby 2014 odds you select, be sure to watch the race either in person at Churchill Downs or by tuning into the international broadcasting of the event carried out by NBC.

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