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Welcome to the home of the Top Sports Betting Sites Online for U.S. bettors looking to bet on sports online at the best Internet sportsbooks for all major sporting events. With the latest betting odds and top sportsbook reviews you can get in on the online sports betting action for 2014 and moving forward at all the major sports betting websites for players from the USA.
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Where to Bet on Sports Online

by admin in sportsbook | Posted on April 14th, 2014 | 11 Comments

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If you are looking for the best online sports betting sites this NFL season then you cannot go wrong with any of the above online sportsbooks, however please note that the Bovada Sportsbook does not accept players from all US states (New York, Maryland, Washington). The TopBet and BetOnline NFL betting sites do accept all US players from every state. These top sports betting sites all have a strong financial backing and that is why they make it easy for players to get their money in and out of their betting accounts. If you are looking for further information on where to bet on sports online please visit one of the above online sports betting websites.

Bet On Kentucky Derby Online

by admin in betting | Posted on April 13th, 2014 | No Comments

Right now in the world of sports there is not much going on other than the Masters. If you do not like betting on golf then the next biggest sporting event in 2014 is likely the Kentucky Derby. You cannot bet on the Kentucky Derby online without knowing what the odds are so that is what we plan to help fellow US bettors out with today.

The 140th running of the Kentucky Derby will commence on May 3rd, 2014 at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. The 2014 version of the Kentucky Derby will be one of the most diverse fields in recent memory. There is no clear favorite to win the Derby this year. Some analysts think that horses that are currently sitting in the 20/1 or 30/1 odds range have a legitimate shot at winning at the top sports betting sites for US players leading up to Kentucky Derby 2014.

Bet Kentucky Derby Online

As you are well aware, anything can happen at the Kentucky Derby. Orb won the Derby last year and his odds were around 7/1. The weather has a lot to do with track conditions which can play to certain strengths and weaknesses of each individual thoroughbred. All you ever hear about the Kentucky Derby these days is how much celebrities are betting on the race and if they are really playing for keeps. Well, to put it simply, they are. If you want to bet like your favorite celebrity or maybe you just have a really strong gut feeling on who is going to win the Kentucky Derby you can bet on Kentucky Derby online at these recommended online racebooks as seen at for the 140th Road to the Roses. For that reason alone, many horse betters like to wait until the very last moment or at least the day of the race to lock in their bets.

When you are searching Kentucky Derby 2014 odds, you can find futures pools that will let you bet on the winner now or you can wait for the standard betting pools to form closer to the big day. Regardless of which Kentucky Derby 2014 odds you select, be sure to watch the race either in person at Churchill Downs or by tuning into the international broadcasting of the event carried out by NBC.

Best NCAA Basketball Arenas

by admin in ncaab | Posted on April 2nd, 2014 | No Comments

As we have a little downtime before the start of the NCAAB Final Four tournament we figured we would take a look at the best NCAA basketball arenas throughout this March Madness tournament.

Big or small, there is something about basketball arenas. The noise, the energy, and the environment are enough to attract basketball fans to these arenas where the gladiators of today entertain everyone by battling it out on the court. The sound within the arena completely encapsulates the ebb and flow of a college basketball game. We pick out the best arenas to experience a March madness game in-terms of, history, prestige, the wild and boisterous crowd, and the overall awe factor of the atmosphere.

Cameron Indoor Stadium (Duke University)
Many NBA superstars have gotten their first glimpse of the big time at the Cameron indoor stadium, the home of the Duke University’s, Blue Devils. Opened in 1940, the indoor facility has been renovated several times since then to facilitate the blue devil nation to enhance the impact of the sixth man. The facility is famous for its rowdy student section, known as the Cameron Crazies. The students are known for the crazy paintjobs and over-the-top costumes in support of their team, and make a lot of noise in the process as well.

Best NCAAB Arenas

Rupp Arena, (University of Kentucky)
The Wildcat nation possesses one of the biggest fan bases in the country. Maybe that is why they built a huge facility in Lexington that can accommodate over 23,000 fans. The tickets are hard to come by, and it’s not too difficult to understand why. Their trademark midnight madness practice attracts nearly 20,000 fans, and the championship banners hanging from the rafters add a thick layer of pride, prestige and fear into the heart of the opposition.

We continue to pick out the best arenas to experience a March madness game in-terms of history, prestige, the wild and boisterous crowd, and the overall awe factor of the atmosphere. The next two arenas on the list are:

Allen Field House (University of Kansas)
KU is where modern day basketball was born. James Naismith and Phog Allen (after whom the facility is named) are timeless icons of the game, and James Naismith invented the game and authored the rules and the concept of a game that later came to be known as basketball. Therefore, the program itself is renowned and carries great prestige and respect amongst its fellow programs. Fittingly, so does the arena, which saw the birth of the now famous, rock chalk chant among other things.

The Carrier Dome (Syracuse University)
This multipurpose facility can house nearly 35,000 plus people. The carrier Dome is home to both the football and basketball team of the University of Syracuse, The Orange. A packed to capacity arena is a sight worth seeing, the big rivals in the east for Syracuse is George Washington University, and boy does it get loud and rowdy. The whole town is a buzz during the month of March and if it is a close game, you know the sixth man is going to blow the roof off the dome.

The Pit (University of New Mexico)
Located 37 feet deep into the heart of Albuquerque, New Mexico, this arena came into existence in the year 1966. The capacity stands at 18000, and chants echo unlike any place in the nation. The history and prestige will always make it a unique arena to experience, for both fans and players alike.

Michigan Basketball in Final Four

by admin in odds | Posted on April 1st, 2014 | No Comments

The Spartan: Keys to a Deep Run in the NCAAB mens college basketball tournament to conclude the March Madness tournament.

Michigan State has always been a well respected program in the nation, but the recent blip in form which was compounded by the absence of Branden Dawson, could soon be over. During Dawson’s absence the Spartan have scrapped to a 4-5 record, they have not won back to back games in weeks. Soon that could be over, with Dawson expected back next week, his return could spark an upturn in form.

The problem for the Spartans has been the team chemistry in the absence of Branden Dawson, it is tough to build team chemistry when a crucial piece of the team is missing practice through injury. Fortunately, for Michigan State, Adrian Harris and Keith Appling have held the fort well, but they have the potential to become a frightening prospect with the inclusion of Branden Dawson.

Michigan Basketball

Factor in Gary Harris and Adrian Paine, who pose great inside-out threat and you have a team that has the potential to make a deep run in the tourney and the prospects of a final four finish is not outside the realm of realistic possibilities.

This Spartan team continues to align itself to the philosophy of Tom Izzo, they fight each possession hard, and simply put, have the ability to run through the game and are rapid either direction on the court. They possess the necessary ingredients to make a deep run but thus far, injuries have been their Achilles heel. If the group can stay fit through March, well, stranger things have happened in basketball.

Top 3 Prospects This Season

by admin in nba | Posted on March 30th, 2014 | No Comments

The NBA draft is just around the corner, and you know what that means, March Madness is here and soon the draft will be upon as well. There is no shortage of talent on the floor this season, and with the top 3 picks, all interested parties have the option of picking up a truly exceptional ball player. Let’s take a look at our top 3 prospects for this season.

NBA Prospects

Jabari Parker – Duke – Milwaukee Bucks
Out of all the NBA teams that need to unearth a gem, the Bucks have the most riding on this seasons draft than almost any other team. They have legitimately lacked a star since the departure of Ray Allen. Parker does not possess the greatest upside, but he is the most NBA ready of the whole class of 2014, this should be a straight forward pick for the Bucks, but strange things have happened.

Andrew Wiggins – Kansas– Philadelphia
At the beginning of the season, Andrew Wiggins was the undisputed number 1 pick. Question marks over consistency has remained the key issue for Wiggins. Averaging at over 16 points, Philly would be nuts to not take a stab at it.

Joel Embiid – Kansas – Orlando Magic
Magic has some thinking to do. They already have a productive center in the form of Vucevic but he is going to be restricted free agent come the start of the season. If he were to leave the season after, Joel Embiid will be able to take over from him or even provide solid rotation for the Magic.

We covered our top three prospects in the draft thus far, let’s move the conversation further and explore the next three prospects with pick number 4, 5 and 7.

Dante Exum-Sacramento Kings – PG – Australia
You don’t just need exceptional talent, size and athleticism to go high on the draft pick, you need some buzz and some height and preferably an exotic background that can shoot you up the picks. Dante Exum brings all of that to the table, and then some. Standing at 6’ 6”, Exum has above average size and athleticism for a baller in his position; couple that with what the kings need at present, and this quickly becomes a no brainer. All Exum has to do is stay healthy and he could be one of the steals of this season’s draft.

Julius Randle-Utah Jazz – PF – Kentucky
Randle quickly developed a reputation of being the big man off the glass. His stats slumped during the conference play but he has been playing with vengeance again over the past 4 weeks. Julius Randle can relieve Jazz’s headache. This draft pick has that ‘two birds with one stone’ kinda feel to it. Jazz already have Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter, acquiring Randle may allow Jazz to let go of one of the other big men for some depth off the wings.

Marcus Smart-Boston Celtics – PG – Australia
Doubts over attitude remain and shooting from deep is questionable, yet Marcus Smart brings intangibles that are off the charts. He is a competitor and leader and always puts the team first. Rondo might be coming at the end of his stint at Boston, and Smart might prove to be a valuable replacement.

Mock NBA Draft Picks

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Everyone has analyzed to death who is going to be taken in the NBA draft in the top 5 so today we figured we would try another approach and predict our mock NBA draft picks for the #8-11 draft picks. With all that has happened in this year’s March Madness these are likely to fluctuate going into the NBA draft.

Rodney Hood-Denver Nuggets – SG/SF – Duke
Favorable comparisons can be made between Jamal Crawford and Rodney Hood. The blue devil has been red hot from range courtesy of his flawless jump shot, great handling skills and the ability to create space to shoot from range. Additionally, the kid can drive to the hoop ala Vince Carter. Question marks over Gallinari’s injury record makes Rodney Hood a good fit at the Nuggets.

NBA Draft Picks

Aaron Gordon-Charlotte Bobcats – PF – Arizona
Gordon has been the mainstay for the Wildcats this season and has been their standout performer this regular season. His athleticism and off the ball work is a standout in this class of 2014. However, Bobcats already have big Al Jefferson as post presence but with a lack of quality guards in this batch, he appears to be the safest pick. It all depends on what charlotte has in mind. They might even trade up or down, though Gordon is a definite first rounder, bar last minute shuffle.

Zach LaVine-Philadelphia 76ers – PG – UCLA
LaVine is a raw talent but he comes in with a big upside. He is the purest athlete of the bunch, and if the 76ers take Andrew Wiggins earlier in the draft, the 76ers will be able to draft the perfect foil for young Wiggins. He has already shown composure in big games and possesses a great shot from deep which will surely factor into Philadelphia’s consideration.

Florida Gators Betting

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The Florida Gators are killing it and many sports handicappers are predicting the Florida Gators to meet the Michigan Wolverines in the championship game to conclude the March Madness tournament on Sunday, April 6th, 2014.

Florida Gators Final 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, Florida Gators is your new number 1 team. The Associate Press Poll revealed the changes in the ranking, with the gators usurping Syracuse as the number one collegiate basketball team in the nation. It has taken Florida 7 years to get to number 1 again, and it has been quiet a journey.

Florida has been the 5th team this season to occupy the number 1 spot this season. They received 47 first place votes. Wichita state following their unbeaten run of 30-0 received had 14 votes for them in the ballot with Arizona rounding off the argument with 4 first place votes on its side. The TopBet Sportsbook currently has the Florida Gators sitting at +125 betting odds to win the March Madness NCAAB tournament.

Syracuse lost twice in the space of seven days to give gators the space to overtake them, and the Gator camp knows this well. The recent soundings from the camp suggests the team is not really looking at the ranking as closely as we might be. With the players and Coach D suggesting that the team is going to focus on one game at a time.

Syracuse dropped to 4th after the two consecutive losses with Kansas Jayhawks finishing the top 5 list. The Jayhawks jumped three places following their past week’s exploits. If they beat Oklahoma on Monday, they will at least share the Big 12 Conference title, their 10 straight, tied for the third longest streak of all time.

Rounding off the top 10 are Duke, Louisville, Villanova, Creighton and St Louis. With key top 10 battles coming up. Expect volatility in the rankings.

March Madness Final Four Bets

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This year’s March Madness tournament has been nothing but amazing, but then again the NCAA basketball tournament never disappoints. At least not fans anyways. The below top picks to make the NCAA March Madness Final four bets can be wagered at the above mentioned 3 top sports betting sites for US players that also still allow you to submit your brackets if they are already busted like most bettors.

Let’s dig in our heels early March is almost upon us. So let’s indulge, shall we? Here are our final four predictions for this year’s March Madness tournament.

Wichita State
Greg Marshall has this team running like a well oiled machine. They are red hot collectively and individually. With Ron Baker proving to be clutch and with last year’s final four appearance and this year’s 30-0 season, the Shockers are proving that they are not a one hit wonder. It is easy to complain about their schedule, but it’s not their fault that they had that schedule to begin with. They took care of businesses and that’s all you could ask from them. The bottom line, you simply can’t mess with perfection.

March Madness Bets

Back court has questions marks, but the old adage still rings true for the Gators, defense wins championships, and boy do they defend like their lives depend on it. Sure they are in the SEC, a conference on par with the Missouri Valley, but look at their schedule… Seminoles, Kansas, Memphis, Wisconsin, their body of work is impressive and they sure look like going deep this season.

The picture is pretty straight forward for Syracuse, win the last three and make a deep run into the ACC tournament theb it’s more than likely they will end up with the number 1 seed.

The two strongest leagues are Big 10, and Big 12, but unfortunately, there are no clear-cut favorites or any clear-cut contenders for the number 1 seed, but when you factor in Kansas’s tough schedule, and the fact that if they end up winning the Big 12 tournament, chances are they will sneak in to the last seed spot.

Updated for Tuesday, March 25th, 2014:
Our updated March Madness Final Four picks are outlined below.

  • Florida Gators
  • Arizona Wildcats
  • Stanford Cardinals
  • Wisconsin Badgers
  • To follow the latest March Madness betting picks check out CBS Sports where NCAAB brackets are updated in real-time, just the way we like it!

    Shocking the State Wichita Is the Real Deal

    by admin in 2014 | Posted on March 24th, 2014 | No Comments

    Apparently, last season’s deep run into the tourney had not detracted the naysayers. With Ron Baker repeatedly shutting up his doubters and developing a reputation of being the clutch player, that no one ever thought he could be, Wichita state are increasingly looking like the real deal this season.

    NCAA is a tough ground, tougher is the battle that brews between the fans of varying basketball teams. While analysts have their favorites, but the rise of Wichita state has got the detractors casting a keen eye on the shocker’s end of the season fixtures.

    They are one of the two undefeated teams left, other being Syracuse, as the regular season rolls to a close. But no one would deny that Wichita is the red-hot team at this point in time. With their recent win over Evansville, the shockers joined a special club, only the 21st team to ever win its first 27 games of the season. However, that matters less at this point, as the last five games will now assume greater stakes.

    Wichita State Kentucky

    The tag of invincible is now dangling like the bait, to push and finish the season undefeated and grab the first seed by the jugular. Built on airtight defense, Wichita represents the best of Missouri valley conference. With the maturation of Ron Baker into a more rounded basketball player, and the backcourt prowess of Fred VanVleet, the shockers pack the 1-2 punch.

    You never know they might not only get the 1st seed, but go one better than last year.

    They have done it. The first team to reach the 30-0 status, ever… schedule or not, big conference or not. They are the first ones there, the founder member of the 30-0 club of the regular season.

    Wichita State have lived up to their name, though this feat should not come as a big shock. The team is a well oiled beast. Built on tenacious –D, pardon the pun, and surgical transitional offence… don’t be surprised to see them go all the way.

    It is not often that you come across teams that not only possess clutch individuals, such as, Fred VanVleet and Ron Baker, perfectly capable of driving to the hoop and is lethal from the backcourt, but also a supporting cast that pulls it weight on boards and hunts the ball in packs like hyenas.

    Gregg Marshall deserves a lot of credit and should go be the frontrunner for this seasons coach of the year race, for sure. According to him, his team is peaking at the right time, the moment is with them. Defensively they are solid just like last year, but coach Marshall believes they are offensively much stronger this year.

    The big question now is whether this team will be able to lock the number one seed. They sure play like they deserve to be there, plus they have the hottest players in the nation and the support of the neutrals to go all the way. No number one seed is flawless, they are no different either, but they do one thing in common with others. They have the aura and the fear factor, which was not associated with them a year ago.

    Cheating in Sports

    by admin in news | Posted on March 10th, 2014 | No Comments

    The spirit of sportsmanship dictates fair competition, with the best man using his skills and resilience to win. However, over the years, many athletes have broken out of that convention, using shady means to gain an unfair advantage over the competition. In this three part series, we will be going through some of these acts, along with the aftermath of their actions.
    Fred Lorz- Marathon Runner

    In the 1904 Olympic marathon, a professional bricklayer by the name of Fred Lorz had participated in the race. The run started off clean, with everyone aiming to finish the stretch at first place, but by the end of it, it was Fred Lorz who finished the race the quickest. However, after being awarded, he confessed moments later to using unfair means in order to finish the race.

    Sports Cheating

    He ran the initial few miles on foot, but was later on aided by his manager, who gave him a ride in his automobile while the race was still in progress. The car broke down after eleven miles, but since there were only a few more miles to go, Lorz ran the last few miles to finish in first place.

    The Aftermath
    He was banned from running marathons for a year after his confession. However, he made good on his mistake, and practiced for a year to win the Boston Marathon of 1905 through fair means.

    Continuing on with the second installment of the three part series, we look at one of the worst acts of cheating in professional rugby, when an English professional rugby team, the Harlequins, faced off against Leinster for a shot at the finals game.

    Harlequins- Rugby
    The English team was clearly outmatched by the competition, with Leinster dominating the playing field for the better half of the game. Many of the Harlequins players were getting injured on the field and were getting substituted again and again. In Rugby, only a certain number of player substitutions are allowed while the game is in progress, so that current players might get rested up. However, if a player gets injured, the limitations do not apply. The unnatural amount of injuries, along with the quick healing of the Harlequin’s players on the field, made officials a little suspicious.

    They soon found out that the Harlequins were using blood packets to fake injuries and cuts, in order to allow for numerous substitutions. Not only that, but it was also uncovered that the English team had used this illicit approach in previous games as well.

    The Aftermath
    After this elaborate plot was uncovered, several of the team’s players were fined and even banned from playing professional league games. In fact, they were about to be permanently barred from playing in any European league game. The team’s doctor was also imposed with a heavy fine.

    What cheating in sports list would be complete without the infamous Tonya Harding-Nancy Kerrigan incident in the selections for the 1994 Olympics?

    Tonya Harding- Figure Skating
    In 1994, one of the biggest scandals in sports history took place, when it was discovered that figure skater Tonya Harding, along with her (ex) husband Jeff Gillooly and bodyguard Shawn Eckhardt hired Shane Stant to break her rival Nancy Kerrigan’s leg. The plan was to injure Kerrigan so she may not be able to compete in 1994 figure skating championships.

    However, things didn’t go as planned. Stant got a hold of her in Detroit, after failing to locate her at Massachusetts. He stuck her on the thigh, a few inches above the knee, with an ASP baton. The injury did not break her leg, but caused severe bruising, causing her to drop out of the competition. Even though this placed Harding in the Olympic team, Kerrigan was also selected.

    The Aftermath
    By the time of the Olympic competition, Kerrigan had made a full recovery, winning the silver medal in figure skating, while Harding was placed at the 8th position. Once caught, Harding was forced to resign from the USFSA, along with dropping out of the 1994 World Figure Skating championship. She avoided jail time and further prosecution by pleading guilty to conspiracy, and served 3 years probation, along with a $160,000 fine and a 500 hour community service. She missed out on the greater part of the Ice skating boom that followed after 1995, due to the lifetime ban by the USFSA after conducting its own investigation.

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